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May 16, 2017
Hi YOURKO Family,
We are together again with the new features!
What we have done until now? What are we doing, I will give some informations about these topics. Especially I am going to answer this question; why the server MITHRA is going to be different than previous servers?


⭐Random Knight Cash Voucher, when you give it to Medusa NPC, you will be rewarded with a random cash point between 100KC and 3200KC.

⭐Ibex(1080 hp) and Crisis(2880 MP) Potions are added. (No weight)


⭐Maestro Voucher, can be exchanged from Medusa NPC, gives you a potion. It will spend your current coins since you use this potion.

⭐ You will have additional 48 slots in your invertory during 30 days.


⭐ Clan Premium Service, Specifications are not defined yet. Only clan leader can Exchange it and all clan members can enjoy the Premium.

⭐Fake Boss Drops are updated.



⭐ Garden Farm, will be activated in Colony Zone. Monsters will have the same HP,AC and DMG as same as Bi-forst monsters, such as Ego and Glutton.. Almost impossible to kill these monsters alone. There are 7 different fragments that you can drop. GardenFragment drops are Chitin, Exceptional Items, some kind of Middle and High Class items and

Master-Skill items.



⭐Switch Premium contains three of premiums; EXP - WAR - FARMER . Price is 150 YB (Switch Premium Skin is still in process.)
⭐What is Farmer Premium? You can sell the items to NPC with higher coins and coins drops from monsters are 400% higher than original.
⭐With the Farmer Premium, the farm system will be adopted as collecting coins at some areas, such as ESLANT-2.


⭐ WAR Premium Bonus Loyalty 12
⭐ EXP Premium Bonus Loyalty 6
⭐ Clan Premium Bonus Loyalty 3
⭐ Gold Premium Bonus Loyalty 3
⭐ Silver Premium Bonus Loyalty 2
⭐ Bronze Premium Bonus Loyalty 1

the upgrade.png

⭐ESPOR, We are planning to start with Clan Vs Tournaments, later on JOB Vs is planned.
⭐Clan Hostes,

⭐Blue(60 Defense)

⭐Red Potions (Attack Increase 10%)

⭐New Border Defense War System, No need to have National Points, BDW Parties will be created according to your previous BDW scores.


Beginning: Level 65 Cap
Maksimum: Level 72 Cap
Level Difficulty : MIDDLE
ITEM Difficulty : HARD
Coins Difficulty : HARD


⭐There will be 2 servers; MITHRA ve MITHRA -M, MITHRA-M is only to farm, Merchant and EXP.

⭐ESLANT 3 map is disabled in MITHRA server.

⭐MITHRA server will be based on Activities, PK, EXP and Farm.

⭐ Lunar War has some problems with the 2 server system, so it will be activated later.

⭐ Chitin Shield and Dread Shield drops are activated since the beginning,

⭐Chitin Shield Anti Defs are reduced from 50 to 25, Dread Shield DEF is reduced.

⭐Merchant EXP event will be activated since the beginning but the exp rate is reduced from 5% to 2% per hour.

⭐ Exceptional Item Drops will be activated since the beginning with the Gardem Farm System.
⭐ Forgetten Temple first survey was created.

⭐ Bi-Frost Event Time will be decided with the player survey.

⭐ Ardream and Collection Race Map (RonarkLand) entrance prices are disabled. Entrances will be free.

⭐ Colony Zone map will be activated as RonarkLand.

⭐ (GOLD,EXP ve WAR) Premium rewards(scrolls etc.) will be sent to your inventory after exchange.

⭐Colony Zone Chaos Stone Spawn Time is 2 hours. Drops are reduced.


And for new quest level 65 details click here..

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